AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils

AMSOIL synthetic 10W-40 and 20W-50 motorcycle oils give motorcyclists what they need: superior wear protection for high-stress motorcycle engines and transmissions and clutches that stay clean and deposit-free.

AMSOIL Advantages

Motorcycle manufacturers want the best protection possible for their equipment, calling for rugged oils that exhibit high temperature deposit control additives. AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oils are specially formulated with the best synthetic basestocks and high performance additives to provide tough lubricating protection for all four-cycle motorcycle and ATV engines in the most demanding operations.

AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils are formulated for both water-cooled and the unique demands presented by air-cooled V-twin motorcycle engines, including Harley-Davidson. Conventional petroleum oils break down and oxidize when faced with high temperatures, such as those experienced when idling in traffic, contributing to the formation of deposits, sludge and varnish. AMSOIL withstands oil breakdown and oxidation in high temperatures, holds contaminants in suspension and keeps engines running cool and clean.

Zinc and phosphorus additives are extremely important to engines faced with high-pressure conditions, especially motorcycle engines, which typically have steep cam slopes, creating high pressure between the parts. In motorcycles, friction modifiers (prevalent in automotive oils) have been attributed to engine start failures, a rough running feel, increased fuel consumption due to higher engine stall speeds and other problems. AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-40 and 20W-50 Motorcycles Oils have beefier anti-wear and detergent/dispersant packages with no friction modifiers, keeping motorcycles running smoothly and efficiently, while allowing for extended drain intervals of up to three times longer than manufacturer's recommendations.

Wear Protection

AMSOIL submitted five popular motorcycle oils to spectrographic analysis and Four-Ball Wear (ASTM D4172) testing and compared the results to those of AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 and Synthetic 10W-40 Motorcycle Oils.

None of the popular motorcycle oils compared favorably to the AMSOIL products in wear additive content or wear protection.

AMSOIL Synthetic motorcycle oils contain significantly higher levels of zinc and phosphorus than the competing oils, and while simply adding more zinc and phosphorus doesn't insure good performance, AMSOIL has formulated motorcycle oils with the best additives in the optimal quantities to provide superior wear protection.

What about oil temperature and wear? A Four-Ball Wear Test was conducted at 302°F/150°C, a higher temperature that would typically be associated with motorcycle oil operating temperatures in extreme high performance situations. AMSOIL products protected better in higher temperatures than any of the tested motorcycles do, leaving a wear scar up to 37 percent smaller.

Some motorcycle transmissions and engines share a common oil sump, so the engine oil must also provide protection to the transmission gears which, according to Motorcycle Consumer News (Aug1998) are subject to high gear surface pressure and gear rotation speeds. The superior performance of the AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils in the Four-Ball Wear Test applies here, too.

Motorcyclists will find no better oils than AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oils.

Motorcycles are prone to rust from storage, humidity and short drives. Rust can cause major damage such as roller bearing failure, uncontrolled wear, compression loss and blow-by. Good rust protection, however, comes by design and is not natural to engine oils. Unlike many motorcycle oils, AMSOIL MCV contains special anti-rust agents. It passes the ASTM D-1748 humidity cabinet rust test and clearly demonstrates superior rust protection.